A living life with creavity

Writing with light makes me think simultaneously in the same way as when I write, but also in a more fragile way, because I mainly using analog film. You can rewrite a text, but you can't take the same picture twice. The closest you can get is to try to take the same picture.

Growing up with analog black and white photography, I made my first prints in the darkroom as a young teenager. Later in high school the highlihgt of my week became the afternoons alone in the darkroom after school. Working with analog now adds a greater sensibility to the process, but it also adds a way to see the digital form less digital.  Now there is no big difference for me, it's all about the eyes behind the camera. - Carsten Boe.  

Born in 1972, prize nominated, acclaimed novelist and fine-art photographer Carsten Boe, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Originally educated as a classical musician, the multiple layers of art have become his expression through art photography.